Thursday, 26 November 2009

silence (a fragment)

the silence is resounding,
    like the rain
on a rooftop, echoing,
    twilight’s bane
is the shadow in the dark,
    spectral light
criss-crossing across the sky,
    shades of night
closing in. a sudden fear:
    higher ground;
uncertain haze descending,
    sight and sound.

silence is a swirling green
  fog, seen
    but unheard.
silence is a resonant
  green slant,
    slightly blurred.

flying, fragmentary mind,
    it is air,
it is emptiness. and all
  must fall,
    for there, there
on the mysterious height,
  a light
    (now intense)
burns. and then down, the last spark,
  the dark,
    the silence.

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